30th Anniversary of Seinfeld: How Can Anyone Forget The Show About Nothing?

Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer (Photo source: Movie Stills DB)

For a show about nothing, there was a whole lot of something on TV screens throughout America, thanks to the hit sitcom Seinfeld.

Created by television icons Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, Seinfeld first appeared as an NBC pilot on July 5, 1989. But it had a different name: The Seinfeld Chronicles. The pilot, though, was unsuccessful at the time. Almost a year went by until the dynamic duo signed a four-episode deal, starting on May 31, 1990.

Immediately, Seinfeld became an instant hit, eventually turning into an astonishing 180 episodes.

Seinfeld, a Jewish comedian from New York City, is joined by his buddies, Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) and George Costanza (Jason Alexander) throughout the series’ nine seasons.

Who can forget the iconic Season 7 hit, “The Soup Nazi,” where Yev Kassem (Larry Thomas) yells and frightens customers who want his famous soup? Of course, he shouts, “No soup for you!” at George, who was, of course, being George at the soup stand.0

And there are dozens of other unforgettable episodes. In Season 2, “The Chinese Restaurant” episode appears, and it might be the most relatable television episode in history. The gang arrives at a Chinese restaurant, but after waiting and waiting, they decide it’s finally time to get up and leave. Once they do, “Seinfeld, four” is yelled out.

Don’t forget about “The Puffy Shirt” episode in Season 5, when Jerry heads onto the stage of Today, wearing a ridiculous shirt because Kramer’s then-girlfriend (the low talker) whispered something to him and he had no clue what she was saying.

The show is known for not being chronological, truly remarkable considering how famous it became. Few episodes carried over to the next, with one seldom having anything to do with another.

For Seinfeld’s 20th anniversary, David, who stars in Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO, it was time for a reunion. The quadruplet would appear in multiple episodes during Curb’s seventh season, actually having one full episode dedicated to making a modern-day Seinfeld.

As the schlub that David is on the hit series, playing himself, he attempts to win back his wife Cheryl (Cheryl Hines) by casting her on the fake reunion show as George’s ex-wife, Amanda. Instead of having an awkward show on another network, this reunion felt right, combining the alternate universes of David’s unfiltered Curb Your Enthusiasm with Seinfeld.

The reunion became a massive hit throughout the world, leaving Seinfeld fans wanting more of the “show about nothing.” Unfortunately, there are no signs of a Seinfeld revival, though, Seinfeld himself has teased the idea in the past.

Fortunately, for Seinfeld fans, the show is coming to Netflix in 2021, in addition to the syndication deals on various television networks. While no one really knows if the cast will return to make a true reunion, the show hasn’t disappeared from TVs and it won’t anytime soon.

Best Seinfeld Quotes

• “If Relationship George walks through this door, he will kill Independent George.” —George Costanza, “The Pool Guy”

• “You’re a rabid anti-dentite.” —Cosmo Kramer, “The Yada Yada”

• “Who’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It’s chocolate, it’s peppermint —it’s delicious.” —Cosmo Kramer, “The Junior Mint”

• “Hello, Newman.” —Jerry Seinfeld, 15 times throughout the series

• “George, the word around the office is that you’re a Communist.” —George Steinbrenner (played by Larry David), “The Race”

• “Yada, yada, yada.” —Marcy (Suzanne Cryer), “The Yada Yada”

• “You double-dipped the chip.” —Timmy (Kieran Mulroney), “The Implant”

• “That’s deplorable, unfathomable, improbable.” —Jackie Chiles (Phil Morris) “The Finale”

• “Serenity now!” —Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller), “The Serenity Now”

• “A Festivus for the rest of us.” —Frank Costanza, “The Strike”

“These pretzels are making me thirsty.” —Cosmo Kramer, “The Alternate Side”

• “My father was a quitter. My grandfather was a quitter. I was raised to give up.” —George Costanza, “The Old Man”

• “Get Out!” —Elaine Benes, dozens of times throughout the series

• “I’m a U.S. postal worker and my mail truck was just ambushed by a band of backwoods mail-hating survivalists.” —Newman (Wayne Knight), “The Bottle Deposit”


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