Karla Schuster

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Local Startup Company Wins Hofstra’s InnovateHer Competition

QB Sonic, a technology-based start-up developing a non-invasive ultrasound stimulator to maintain bone tissue in the hips of people with osteoporosis and osteopenia, has been selected as the local winner of the Small Business Administration...



College Fairs Tips & Advice

College fairs give you the chance to make your initial “visit” to colleges without going far from home. They usually take place in the...

Surviving Divorce With A High Conflict Personality

High Conflict Personalities (HCPs) possess many of the characteristics of a personality disorder including unmanaged emotions, all-or-nothing thinking and an inability to take responsibility...

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Thought Gallery: Three Virtual Events To Keep You Busy

Consider these recommendations for upcoming virtual talks, readings and more in and around New York City.

Gold Coast Gems: Mansions Of Long Island

The Gold Coast is home to stunning grand estates, set against a backdrop of the picturesque shores of Long Island. A highlight of the...