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Geekier Online Dating

Fantasy, excitement, and...romance? These are all aspects the nerdier community knows too well from comics, movies, and games, but, within everyday life are uncommon or ignored. "Dragonfruit" is a dating app that helps connect people...



Thought Gallery: Three Upcoming Events

Consider these recommendations for upcoming talks, readings and more in and around New York City: Talk & Book Signing | Ballpark: Baseball in the American City...

Changing The Way You Think About Permanent Cosmetics

The idea of having something done to skin permanently does not sound appealing, considering the typical individual wants to change their appearance on a...

FAFSA Primer

Navigating Through The College Aid Maze If you’re worried about paying for your child’s college education, keep this statistic in mind: during the 2011-12 school...

Healthy Living—Full Issue—Aug. 10, 2016


American Artist Eric Fischl Brings The ’80s Back To Life

The ’80s are back in fashion again and the Nassau County Museum’s latest exhibit allows visitors to experience That ’80s Show Rebel with a...