Words To Eliminate To Elevate Personal Power


Each word we speak carries with it a certain energy and has the power to create our experiences in the world. Our words communicate to ourselves and to others, our integrity and what we hold value for. As with all things, we have a choice to use phrases that elevate us or use phrases that keep us small. I invite you to get mindful about the messaging that your words are communicating.

Consider removing these words and phrases from your vocabulary to reclaim your personal power and create newer and more empowering experiences. I invite you to find alternate ways of conveying your messages that will serve and support you to grow.


Using this word conveys that you simply don’t care and that you’re potentially dismissing what someone has said to you.

It’s not my fault

Would you rather be right or be happy? Move out of the problem mindset and do your part to be in the solution mindset.

It’s not fair

Using this phrase points the finger at the outside world. Accept responsibility for your choices and move forward with the new information that is now available to you. Placing blame will keep you in a state of stagnancy.

Why me?

These words will keep us stuck in a victim mentality rather than helping us to feel like we have influence over a given situation. Accepting the reality of a circumstance and finding a way grow from it will set you on the right path.


As far as I know, this day is not on the calendar. If you want to do something, time is of the essence. Get deliberate about your timeline and step into action.

But what if…?

This phrase plants seeds of doubt and worry that a desired outcome is out of the realm of possibility. We are more powerful than we realize.


This word blocks creativity and blocks you from finding a way to make something work. Shout out to my dad for this one who always taught us that “Impossible is Impossible”.

If only…

These words create a story for us to not go after what we want. We are creating scenarios in our mind of all the reasons that a given outcome is not possible.


Using this word usually identifies something that someone else thinks we ought to be doing and does not express our own true desires. Be mindful about your own true desires.

I’ll try

This conveys indecisiveness and passive permission to fail without any actual effort. Often when we say, “I’ll try” we aren’t truly planning on following through.


This simple tiny word minimizes whatever comes after it often making ourselves and our accomplishments small and unworthy.

I don’t care

Nobody wants to spend time with someone who simply doesn’t care. Chances are you do care and this is a defense mechanism that is employed to deflect from your true feelings.

Allowing our words to be a true reflection of our power and our greatest potential can be truly life changing.

Melody Pourmoradi is a women’s wellness and lifestyle coach at Life Evolutions Coaching and a columnist for Long Island Weekly’s Healthy Living Special Section. Learn more about her services at www.lifeevolutionscoaching.com.


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