Woodbury Cosmetic Doctor Gets ‘Real’

Dr. Stephen Greenberg
Dr. Stephen Greenberg

A well-known Long Island plastic surgeon is accompanying his wife on an upcoming reality television series with the hopes of showing how a husband-and-wife team can work together to stage a successful business.

Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, MD, will join his wife, Gail, and her five North Shore friends on Bravo’s Secrets and Wives, premiering June 2. The show will follow the women along with their spouses as they navigate life on Long Island’s North Shore. (To read about the women featured in Secrets and Wives, click here. To read a feature on the show, click here.) The surgeon, whose practice is based out of Woodbury and Southampton, said his wife helps oversee the product line and spa services in the office.

“She’s actively involved in the process on a day-to-day basis,” said Greenberg. “I think this show will hopefully portray us as professional, hardworking people who are successful in life and in business.”

Comparisons to Bravo’s other successful programs, The Real Housewives franchise, are inevitable, he said. But he believes Secrets and Wives goes deeper with its storyline, showing far greater character depth than other shows of the same ilk. Greenberg said the idea to appear on the program was a decision they made together.

“Like everything else in our lives,” he said. “Getting the name of my practice out there is an added benefit of the show.”

Greenberg is no stranger to media and his patients know that about him. The plastic surgeon has appeared in national magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, More and Elle and he has had several stints on the radio, including the only cosmetic surgery radio show in New York every Saturday evening on K-98.3 FM and Saturday morning on 105.3 FM.

“I’m constantly in the media and my patients know that about me,” he said, adding that as of right now, he and his wife do not have anything special planned for the premiere. “This didn’t surprise them at all. I don’t believe this show will portray me in any way other than the way I really am.”

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