Windshield Clear



The winter season is lingering, and despite the colder weather and increasing precipitation, traveling by car is still a necessity. As the weather gets colder, the need to clear and defrost the windshield becomes part of the daily routine. But doing so properly is important. An icy windshield can obstruct the view of the driver, making the precarious driving conditions that much more dangerous. Additionally, removing the ice from a windshield without care can cause the structural integrity of the windshield to be compromised, expanding existing cracks and chips.
When de-icing your windshield, be sure never to pour hot water directly on the windshield. Sudden changes in temperature can cause the windshield to crack or shatter. Make sure to avoid using any metal objects to remove the ice, as these items can cause permanent scratches on the windshield. That will compromise the driver’s field of vision. Direct flames should never be used to remove ice from the windshield, as they can warp the windshield and affect its integrity.
An ice scraper is a must-have tool. Using an ice scraper will effectively remove the ice from the windshield while making sure that no damage is done. Prior to beginning to remove ice, start the vehicle and let it run for several minutes with the defrost setting turned on. This will begin to melt the ice and make the removal easier.

Brandon Moseley is a public relations representative for the Glass Doctor company.

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