White Coat Ceremony Welcomes First Class At NYU Long Island School Of Medicine

NYU Long Island School of Medicine first-year medical students are presented with a white lab coat at the inaugural White Coat Ceremony to mark the start of their medical education and training.

The newly accredited NYU Long Island School of Medicine (NYU LISOM) opened its doors to its first class of students this week, welcoming a new generation of aspiring physicians in an inaugural “White Coat Ceremony”—an emotionally moving rite of passage for students entering medical schools the world over. Of note, this year’s ceremony marked the official kick-off of New York University’s flagship medical school on Long Island—a school offering full-tuition scholarships with an innovative, accelerated three-year curriculum exclusively devoted to training primary care physicians.

“NYU Long Island School of Medicine is the realization of a bold vision to make medical school attainable—without financial hardship—to attract the brightest and best students from diverse walks of life into the medical profession,” said Andrew Hamilton, president of NYU.

NYU LISOM received more than 2,400 applications for the 24 available slots this year. It has already begun recruiting for next year’s class, which will include 32 students. The inaugural White Coat ceremony included each of the 24 new students reciting a version of the Hippocratic Oath—acknowledging their commitment to serving humanity with honor, compassion, and dignity, after which a white medical coat was draped upon each students’ shoulders. The event took place at the Mineola campus of NYU Winthrop Hospital, in a beautiful, new contemporary-designed space. During the ceremony, students were surrounded by family and friends, as well as school leadership and faculty.

“In the decade ahead, there is expected to be a significant shortage of primary care physicians nationwide, NYU LISOM hopes to inspire its graduates to help fill that void in the New York metro area and on Long Island,” said Dr. Steven Abramson of the program, which offers an accelerated three-year curriculum, allowing physicians to get into the field of their choice earlier, during their most productive years, and with less debt. “The tuition-free initiative, along with the three-year curriculum, are critical milestones in transforming medical education and addressing the dramatic changes in the healthcare delivery system.”
NYU Long Island School of Medicine is the second to open under the auspices of NYU.

Additionally, full-tuition scholarships were offered to all students at NYU LISOM, regardless of merit or financial need. The new school’s curriculum, with its primary-care focus, will concentrate on internal and community medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN, and general surgery, as compared to more traditional four-year schools that tend to focus on other specialties. All students are offered a conditional acceptance to an NYU Winthrop Hospital residency slot upon matriculation; it is believed that NYU LISOM is the only school in the nation to offer such a conditional guarantee.

—Submitted by NYU Long Island School Of Medicine

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