UnitedHealthcare’s uBundle Helps Employers Save On Medical Premiums


UnitedHealthcare has recently introduced uBundle, a new benefits savings program that enables employers across the country to save up to 4 percent on medical premiums when combining a UnitedHealthcare medical plan with specialty benefits such as dental, vision, life, disability or supplemental health coverage.

Eligible employers with UnitedHealthcare medical benefits can reduce their medical premiums by adding various specialty plans, also known as ancillary coverage, including dental, 2 percent savings; vision, 0.5 percent savings; life and supplemental life, 0.5 percent savings; supplemental health (accident, critical illness or hospital indemnity), 0.5 percent savings; and disability, 0.25 to 0.5 percent savings.

The program can translate to significant savings for employers. For an employer with 500 employees and a traditional health plan, the first-year savings can reach nearly $200,000.
“UnitedHealthcare’s whole-person approach to health is making a meaningful difference for the more than 32 million Americans we serve with specialty benefits, with uBundle adding cost savings and a simplified administrative process for employers,” said Tom Wiffler, CEO of UnitedHealthcare Specialty Benefits. “More than 80 percent of employees say having specialty benefit plans is important to them, so uBundle makes it easier and more cost-effective for employers to offer this type of coverage.”

uBundle helps employers provide their employees with a more competitive benefit package, while promoting a whole-person approach to health and well-being. Employers benefit from a simplified administrative experience, including one dedicated account team across their benefit plans, a single eligibility and implementation process and one self-service website.
Employees with both UnitedHealthcare medical benefits and specialty plans can benefit from Bridge2Health, an integrated health benefits program that uses data to enable clinical interventions and monitor care effectiveness, helping stay ahead of health events and connecting the dots to better health.

Companies that combine medical coverage with specialty benefits through a single health care company can help improve health outcomes, drive productivity and reduce costs. For instance, the program helped produce medical savings of more than $1,450 per referral following a disability claim.

For more information, visit www.uhc.com.

—Submitted by UnitedHealthcare

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