Twyla Tharp Choreographer Teaches Dance Class


brady_aManager and dancer from the renowned Twyla Tharp dance company, Alex Brady, recently led an exclusive dance lesson for Nassau BOCES Long Island High School for the Arts (LIHSA) Dance students. These select students were granted a unique opportunity to be trained in a Master Class by an expert to help them improve their dance skills.

Brady, who was also with the Broadway show Movin’ Out and performed with the Joffrey Ballet, taught the LIHSA students dance routines that would help build the quality of their performances for their future endeavors in the dancing field. With expectations of mirroring Brady’s success, the students trained and exuded determination and talent for the elite dancer, who in return offered opinions, pointers and knowledge.

Brady described his personal affiliation with the Twyla Tharp dance company to be a great opportunity and said he wanted to reciprocate his learning to the LIHSA students. When he asked how many students want to be dancers, they all raised their hands. Brady described his class as “not only teaching the students how to dance, but why they are doing these moves.”

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