Truth + Beauty: The Best Possible You


Style_Truth_081514BRoslyn Heights’ medical spa, Truth + Beauty, is committed to making its clients feel and look beautiful.

“It’s a playground for beauty junkies,” said MJ Valenza, a beauty coach.

With professional estheticians coaching clients, the one-stop beauty spa has everything from lipstick to lasers in a tranquil and elegant environment.

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“I’ve been on a quest for the best products and treatments since my first application of mascara,” said Founder and Creative Director Cori Goldfarb. “After tireless hours of visiting doctors’ offices from Long Island to New York, scouring the shelves of Henri Bendels, and shopping at Americana Manhasset, I asked my husband, ‘Why can’t I go to one place for all of my needs?’ His response was, ‘Build it yourself’ and so Truth + Beauty was born.”

Offering organic spray tans, facials, chemical peels, hair removal, beauty supplies, Botox and more, Truth + Beauty aims to make clients feel more confident about their skin.

“The whole idea of Truth + Beauty is for women, men and teens to discover the truth about their skin,” said Kim Morrone, beauty coach and marketing manager. “We analyze skin, and once we get the results, we have beauty solutions to correct the issued areas. All of our treatments are geared toward getting you to your goal of what you want out of your skin.”

A high-tech digital machine, typically seen in the offices of plastic surgeons and dermatologists, is used to scan the layers of skin, revealing flaws, including wrinkles, brown spots, sun damage and enlarged pores. The beauty coaches target those areas with various approaches, and the client is given an image of the results and a diary to track their progress.

“The machine takes pictures of different sides of your face. We have nine different beauty solutions that address your results,” said Morrone “The diary is a way to track your steps and improvements.”
The beauty coaches use a “five R” approach: Relax, Refill, Repositioning, Resurfacing and Replenish. For each approach, different techniques are suggested.

Intense Pulse Light is one technique. It helps correct brown spots, broken capillaries, sun damage and age damage.

“Lasers are used to zap those areas. After three treatments, you see those areas diminish,” said Morrone.

If you have stubborn fat, the Liposonix machine can target those spots and help eliminate them, explained Morrone.

“It’s an ultrasound that targets fat, and it destroys the cell,” she said. “This is done in one treatment, and it will last if it’s followed by a good diet and exercise. You can see the results within 12 weeks.”

Ultherapy is said to be a facelift without surgery.

“It delivers heat and energy to the layer of tissue that a plastic surgeon usually performs surgery on,” she said. “This stimulates and reconstructs collagen. Over a period of time, you can see your skin lifting, toning and getting a rejuvenated look.”

Injectables, such as Botox, are offered by the spa’s plastic surgeon. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is also performed by the doctor. Similar to the Vampire Facial that Kim Kardashian famously received on her reality TV show, it helps create new collagen and elastin growth.

“The process involves taking your blood and spinning it to create stem-cell-rich plasma. It gets injected back into the face for a more youthful, rejuvenated look,” she said.

And Goldfarb won’t stop there.

“My passion for the beauty industry— and my ceaseless appreciation for the best of all things beautiful keeps me on the hunt for the latest and most innovative products and services to bring to my clients at Truth + Beauty,” she said.

Truth + Beauty is at 250 South Service Rd., Roslyn Heights. The website is, and the phone number is 516-625-7000.