True Colors Opens With A Splash


The Nassau County Museum of Art (NCMA) beckoned guests to experience their new exhibition, True Colors, which opened to a special preview on Friday, July 20.

“Color, above all, is a means of liberation,” said Henri Matisse, and the artwork on display exhibited those traits from master’s canvases to modern day neon art. Color is the means of expression. The full range of color’s magic is on display in this exuberant show of more than 100 works from the 19th century to this moment’s hottest talents. The roll call is a hit parade of art history’s most exciting names: Kandinsky, Motherwell, Warhol, Wolf Kahn, James Nares and many more. It all begins with a monumental painting by Titian, considered the original champion of color in art, in a dramatic installation.

Canvases displayed the heart and soul of the exhibition, with color championing the artwork.

As you enter the museum’s grounds, you can’t miss the installation of Marko Remec’s monumental sculptures, “A Mirror to Nature.” Remec is an internationally renowned figure in contemporary art who was commissioned by the NCMA to create Field Totem and Tall Totem. A former investment banker turned sculptor, his creations are composed with brilliant mirrors and are draped over the hillside as you drive up to the main building culminating at the museum’s entrance with a 26-foot Tall Totem.

This is the first phase of new works planned for the museum grounds.

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