Top Chef Antonia Lofaso Talks Longines Masters

Antonia Lofaso

In honor of the Longines Masters Series’ arrival to New York, EEM has tapped Long Island-native Antonia Lofaso to be the official chef of the 2018 Longines Masters of New York. Chef Lofaso is head chef of Scopa Italian Roots and Black Market Liquor Bar in Los Angeles, and is most recognizable by her role on a number of popular cooking shows, including Top Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen and Restaurant Startup.

As the international competition moves to its new home on Long Island at NYCB LIVE, Home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the menus at the Masters Club, curated by Lofaso, will feature some of celebrity chef’s signature and childhood favorite dishes. The menu incorporates notes of Long Island’s varied cuisine and draws inspiration from upbringing on Long Island, providing Masters Club members an inside, elevated taste of the region.

We sat down with Chef Lofaso to talk about her menu for the Masters Clubs at the Longines Masters of New York and discovered her secret affinity to horses.
Why is the Longines Masters of New York special to you?

Secretariat is one of my all-time, favorite movies. I love all things horse-riding—the showmanship, racing, etc. It’s just such a beautiful sport. What no one really knows about me is that my mom wanted me to be an equestrian when I was a kid, but my brother messed it up. I used to ride when I was little, but since my brother is anaphylactic to horses and dogs, I had to stop coming home covered in horse hair. I guess now I get to vicariously live out that life through the athletes at Longines and I’m excited to make them my favorite power bar.

Lobster Fra Diavolo
How does cooking for a stadium of fans and international competitors compare to competing on Top Chef?

Whenever you’re cooking for large groups, it’s nerve-racking because you want your experience to translate. A restaurant, both front and back of house, is built for the menu, the music, the kitchen, the service, the whole experience, etc. It’s harder to do that in a space like NYCB Live and you want it to be perfect. I’m competitive and as a complete perfectionist, I’m always nervous as I want everything to be absolutely flawless.

What is the inspiration behind your menu for Longines Masters New York?

I wanted to give the riders and all the guests a true taste of authentic Long Island cuisine while paying homage to my hometown and childhood. Having such a prestigious, international competition come to Long Island is such a milestone and I wanted to create a menu that incorporated both my heritage and the cultures around the world. Just as the menu at Scopa Italian Roots is a culmination of my memories, I wanted the Longines menu to be melting pot of cuisines.

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Is there a dish that you created specifically for Longines Masters New York?

I’ve made a really special Rider Power Bar just for the riders. It’s got goji berries, Monk fruit, coconut flakes and dark chocolate.

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