Top 12 Reasons To Grow And Eat Organic


reasons to grow and eat organicCertified organic produce has been shown to be beneficial to health and the environment. Here are the top 12 reasons you should consider going organic on your plate and in your garden:

• Organic delivers meaningful health results

• Reduce your exposure to synthetic pesticides

• Boost the nutritional quality of your food

• Avoid unknown genetically engineered food (GMOs)

• Decrease your intake of unnecessary hormones and antibiotics

• Give farm animals a healthy measure of respect

• Preserve local crop varieties for future generations

• Improve water quality and safety of drinking water

• Promote bio-diversity and beauty in rural landscapes

• Maintain healthy soil including crop rotation, enhances nitrogen and organic components

• Organic food delivers more intense flavor and just tastes better

• Create healthier working environments for farmworkers and rural neighbors

To sweeten the conclusions to this sobering discussion, see Chef Alan Zox’s delicious recipe for Roasted Organic Italian and Mexican Chile Peppers, which is enhanced by roasting, seasoning with vinegar, lemon and olive oil.

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