Top 10 Dorm Decorating Essentials

(All photos courtesy of Bed Bath &  Beyond)

Back-to-school is in full swing for college students, and parents, and both have likely been thinking about how to decorate a brand new dorm room. What color bedspread do you want? What kind of lighting? Will you cover the walls in decals, posters, photos or all of the above? And how will you make the most of a new space? Whether you’re an incoming freshman, returning senior or anything in between, you’ll benefit from this list of the top 10 dorm decorating essentials.

Students can make the dorm room feel like home by using essentials and creating a cozy atmosphere infused with personal style. “Start with a distinctive bedding pattern that sets the tone of the room,” said Jessica Joyce, Bed Bath & Beyond spokesperson, “It is the biggest and most important décor statement and where students spend the majority of their time studying, eating and, of course, sleeping.”

1. Colorful Theadora reversible comforter set by Anthology BTS_DormDecorating_081915_CAPB

2. Menswear-inspired Studio 3B comforter set in taupe by Kyle Schuneman HarrisBTS_DormDecorating_081915_CAPA

“Then add personal style touches to complement it like an area rug and throw blanket for extra warmth,” suggested Joyce.

3. Classy black and white Chindi Dhuri Diamond area rug by Anthology


4. Bohemian Bungalow area rug by AnthologyBTS_DormDecorating_081915_CAPD

“College dorm rooms are notorious for being small, so students need to get creative when it comes to organizing,” said Joyce. Having storage space for textbooks, binders and the many papers that will inevitably build up is vital to having a successful college experience, and organizational tools can be as fun and funky as the other decorations in the room.

BTS_DormDecorating_081915_CAPE5. Versatile Reversible Cube Grid in aqua and red orange with bin in aqua

“Some great ways to create more room include using storage and organizational items under the bed, over the door and in the closet.” Multi-functional items, like storage ottomans, are great for storing supplies and act as extra seating for when friends stop by.

6. Stylish Tufted Aqua folding ottoman by AnthologyBTS_DormDecorating_081915_CAPF

Bed lifts are the most common way to increase under-bed storage. “We also have USB Bed Lift Sets that feature power and USB outlets,” said Joyce, “allowing students to take full advantage of the under bed space while also providing a grounded charging station.” A lack of nearby outlets ceases to be a problem with this clever device.

BTS_DormDecorating_081915_CAPG7. Convenient 4-Piece USB Bed Lift Set by Studio 3B

Decorating needs are different for freshmen students living in a dorm for the first time and returning students who may or may not be living on campus. “Upperclassman living off-campus may have a bit more flexibility when it comes to living restrictions,” said Joyce. For example, students living off-campus [might be able to] bring microwaves and other…appliances or [have] more living space where there is room to bring extra furnishings like a couch or a desk.”

If the space is available, a futon provides style, extra seating for guests and a place for them to crash after late-night study sessions.

8. Sleek Emily Convertible Split-Back Faux Leather Futon in black by Studio 3BBTS_DormDecorating_081915_CAPH

Even if less space if available, it is still important to have extra seating and that seating can make a statement, like a chair made from bungee cords that mold to your body for ultimate comfort.BTS_DormDecorating_081915_CAPI


9. Modern Oversized Bungee Chair in Vermillion by Bunjo

Finally, college students want to make their new space their own. Artwork is one of the best ways to personalize a room and what better way to make a dorm room feel like home than hanging a fun and colorful “Home Sweet Dorm” sign up on the wall.BTS_DormDecorating_081915_CAPJ


10. Charming My Dorm LIfe Wall Décor Collection

All of these products can be found at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Visit for more details.

Kimberly Dijkstra
Kimberly Dijkstra is the web editor for Anton Media Group, a writer for Long Island Weekly and recipient of several Press Club of Long Island (PCLI) and New York Press Association (NYPA) awards.

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