Tips & Tricks To Avoid The Holiday Rush


LIRRFULLRUN_112114AWith Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, Long Islanders taking mass transit may find themselves caught up in the mad dash of the holiday rush.

According to LIRR Spokesman Salvatore Arena, to try and ease some of the log-jam at the stations, the LIRR will provide additional service before Thanksgiving, on Nov. 26, for travelers headed eastbound and extra trains on Thanksgiving Day for those trying to catch the big parade. In addition, the LIRR will provide more eastbound trains on both Christmas and New Year’s Eve.   

While an increase in service only makes things worse for those trying to park, it is more convenient for daily commuters in a hurry to catch the train.
In addition, you can follow these tips from Arena:

1. Know Before You Go
It is important that you have a clear understanding on the parking restrictions around your LIRR station. Having a plan of action is always a good idea, especially if you do not want to return to find a ticket on your windshield or worse.

2. Arrive Early
Early bird catches the train. Similar to planning a flight, its is advisable to arrive at the station early to give yourself enough time to find a space and get on board. While an hour may seem excessive, 30 minutes isn’t unreasonable.

3. Ride After Peak Hours
If parking is already an issue, your best bet on nabbing a space is to wait until the 9-to-5 commuters get home. The later you go, the easier it will likely be to find a spot for your car.

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