Thoughtful Communion Gifts


The seven sacraments of the Catholic Church are rites that worshipers of the faith experience both physically and mystically. They include Baptism, Eucharist (Communion), Confirmation, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Marriage and Holy Orders. Of these sacraments, a child’s first Holy Communion is perhaps the first milestone where they begin to understand God’s presence in their lives.

For this special time, gifts are often bestowed upon the new communicant. If you want to opt for a more personalized and meaningful gift instead of money or a savings bond, consider these trinkets to give to a child on their first Holy Communion.

Rosary Beads

A beautiful and sentimental gift for a communicant is rosary beads. The Holy Rosary (also known as the Dominican Rosary), refers to a form of prayer used in the Catholic Church. The string of beads is used to count the prayers. For those who travel and have a family member or friend receiving communion, keep in mind the cities you may visit as many churches and cathedrals sell rosary beads in their gift shops. A majority of rosary beads today are made of glass, plastic or wood. For a beautiful collection of rosary beads in different gemstones, colors and featuring different saints, visit

The Bible

As children embark on their religious journey in the Catholic faith, a Bible is a lovely gift to keep at their bedside. Buy beautiful gilded copies like this one at Barnes & Noble.

Cross Necklace

A beautiful cross on a chain is a touching gift for both a boy and girl, as it serves as a reminder that God is always with them when they wear it. You can also opt for a locket with an engraved cross on the front.

Precious Moments figurine

Anyone who collects these figurines for special moments in their lives knows just how big a china cabinet they will need. Add to a collection or start one for someone else with these adorable communion figurines. Available in both boy and girl figurines, they depict the preparation of receiving the holy bread and wine for the very first time, praying that Jesus may enter and stay in their hearts forever. Made of porcelain bisque. Available at

Keepsake Box

A beautiful keepsake box to display on the dresser can hold all of those special treasures. Things Remembered has a varied selection and can customize the item with engravings in different fonts and styles.

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