The Party Comes To You


For kids and adults alike, nothing is cooler than the video game experience you get inside a giant truck tricked out with screens, awesome seating and every video game console around. In the summer, and during every season for that matter, hiring a gaming truck is a quick and easy way to throw a birthday party or celebrate another special occasion. 

Here are five local party trucks you can rent out for your next event:

Rolling Video Games

516-596-6226 •

This is one of many companies on Long Island and around the country that bring the video games to you. You’ll know the truck when you see it pull up as it is decorated with famous video game characters. Inside, the truck has comfortable seating with multiple TVs. Play from various different consoles with your friends while a “Game Coach” stands by to give tips on how to improve your gaming experience and even give demonstrations with various different controllers. This is a truck for all ages.


516-902-9665 •

This company provides four different buses for children to choose from. There’s the Activity Bus, which is for children from 2-10, that provides a space to dance and play while enjoying cotton candy, tattoos and face paint. There’s the Glamour bus for children aged 5-15, which includes a runway where you can dress up with nail and face painting included and cotton candy. There’s the Video Game Bus and the Movie Bus, with real movie seats and popcorn with a movie provided by a parent.

Captain Jack’s Fire Brigade

631-987-0521 •

For a young kid’s birthday party, parents could give Captain Jack a call for a day of fun with firefighters. This company will bring one of its retired fire trucks to your party and teach kids about the importance of fire safety while touring the trucks and dressing up in firefighter gear. Each kid at the party gets their own hat, coloring book and a photo using the fire hose.

Long Island Party Xpress

631-871-3656 •

This company also provides a mobile gaming truck, which includes Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo. They also provide other services, for example, they provide a “Stuff-A-Bear” workshop for up to 10 children. You could also rent out a karaoke machine that hooks up to your phone or iPad and comes with microphones.


866-253-3191 •

GameTruck is one of the most innovative of the companies listed. You could have them host a video game party, which even includes online gaming like Fortnite. They can also turn any yard into a Laser-Tag arena where you can battle your friends or a Bubble Soccer arena where you are inside an inflatable ball. All of this is set up for you right at your home.

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