Taking Action: The Locavore Challenge


localLocavores across New York State are taking action this September to unite with organic farmers to support local, organic food and farming during the Locavore Challenge. The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY) is launching its fifth annual month-long challenge to inspire awareness and action in eating locally and organically through events and activities held around the state and online.   

The goal of the Locavore Challenge has always been to connect consumers with their local organic farmers and to encourage local consumption and education. The know-how to farm successfully using organic and sustainable methods is a continually evolving art and science.  It requires farmers who wake up every day with a commitment and a drive to discover, learn, and share best practices in healthy diversified farming.  It requires farmers who have the courage, curiosity, and hard earned experience to nurture a plant or animal to maturity purely by working with the many forces of nature. It requires farmers who will at times let hope triumph over experience – who combine optimism that things will work out with the strength to recover and try again when they don’t.

That is what it takes for a farmer to bring that ripe tomato or fresh egg or crisp apple to your table.  In honor of National Organic Harvest Month, we are asking you to take a moment to appreciate the abundance of food brought to you this year by your local farmers.

Through the Locavore Challenge checklist with specific tasks – i.e. sip on local wine, compost your kitchen scraps, and make bread from local organic grain – participants can log their progress, and see how fellow locavores in New York State are progressing as well. The events calendar also provides farm-to-table events across the state, including food preservation classes and farmers market festivals.

Sponsoring the challenge this year are Once Again Nut Butter, Viqua, The Good Food Collective and Farm Credit East.

Sign up for the challenge, find New York State Locavore events, and look for participating restaurants at www.nylocavorechallenge.com.