The Key To Successful Resolutions

newyearsresolutionFor most of us, the beginning of the new year holds great significance and the promise of fresh new beginnings. It is a time where we put pen to paper and comprise a list of things that we want to achieve. Without even realizing it, I was setting myself up for great disappointment each year as I was not coming even close to making my resolutions a reality. Last January I finally decided it was time for a change and I implemented a new strategy in my own life that completely amped up 2015 for me and made it a year of growth, personal fulfillment and success. I essentially got honest with myself and set intentions that were clear, realistic and exciting. Use one or all of these suggestions to make 2016 the year that you commit to your resolutions and take the steps to make them a reality. 

Commit To Your Vision

Get clear about your objectives for the new year by visualizing what you want your life to look like one year from now. How will you spend your time? Who will you be surrounded by? Be sure to focus on images and ideas of what you do want in your life. So often, in attempting to put forth our desires and wishes, we identify all of the things we do not want causing great confusion to our subconscious mind. This is how we stay stuck in past patterns and when we start calling in the opposite of what we want into our lives. Clarity in holding your vision is key.

Get Real

If you want to make any form of lasting change in your life, it is essential that you get honest with yourself and focus your energy on creating goals that are realistic for you today. We all have those beautiful colossal goals of taking the vacation of a lifetime or creating our dream business but ask yourself this before creating your list: What are some small yet meaningful steps that I can take this year to make those larger goals become a possibility in the long term? Set yourself up to win so that you don’t get discouraged and can commit to ultimately staying on path. Once you have identified those smaller right actions, commit to them daily.

Focus On The Feelings

So often we get so caught up in the idea of the resolutions themselves that we forget about how we truly want to feel in the new year. I invite you to ask yourself what the feeling is that you are trying to create for yourself by making your goal a reality. Write it down next to the resolution so that while you are making progress towards your goal, you are also taking every opportunity to create that feeling in this moment whenever the opportunity is available to you. In seeking that country home, the feelings you may be seeking are freedom and abundance. Create opportunities to feel abundant and free on a daily basis as you move closer and closer to your ultimate goal.

Stay Accountable

In making lasting and meaningful change, success is so much greater when you are held accountable to your commitments. Hiring a life or a business coach can be instrumental in guiding you to your ultimate vision. Knowing that each week, you will be held responsible for the transformations that you have committed to keeps you motivated, diligent and on path in this process.

How will your year begin? Prepare yourself for victory this year by making an honest commitment to your growth. Small daily progress can create massive change over time. Stay clear, remain on path and consistently tune into the feelings you are trying to create through your resolutions and make every effort to experience them daily and unconditionally.


Melody Pourmoradi is a women’s wellness and lifestyle coach at Life Evolutions Coaching. Learn more about her services at

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Melody Pourmoradi
Melody Pourmoradi is a women’s wellness and lifestyle coach at Life Evolutions Coaching and a columnist for Long Island Weekly's Healthy Living Special Section. Learn more about her services at

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