The Hess Truck’s Back


The 2018 Hess Truck is back and it’s better than ever. This year, the annual truck is a RV that also comes with an ATV and motorbike that you can store inside.

Reminiscent to Hess’ 1998 RV release, this RV is updated with a sleek and modern design that kids and adults of all ages will appreciate.

The RV, which is loaded with 60 powerful LED lights that could light up a dark room, comes equipped with three ramp doors that fold down for quick and easy access to the ATV and motorbike that are inside. The ATV and motorbike components are stored in see-through internally illuminated compartments.

The oversized ATV, which is equipped with nine lights, and the touring-style motorbike, which is equipped with four lights that include head and tail lights, are also designed with wheelie popping racing motors. All you have to do is pull back on the ATV and motorbike and watch them speed off across the room.

To activate the impressive LED lights on the ATV and motorbike just slightly turn the motorcyclist’s head to the side and turn on the switch on the bottom of the ATV.

This 3-in-1 toy doesn’t feature any signature sounds, but does feature green and chrome accents with a total of 73 lights—the most ever on a holiday Hess toy truck.

The 2018 Hess RV with ATV and Motorbike is available exclusively online at and remains a highly sought-after collectible and treasured holiday tradition that has been shared among families for generations.

The 2018 Hess RV is $33.99 with free standard shipping and comes with eight Energizer batteries.

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