The Animodules Are Coming


The Animodules are coming to the Nassau County Museum of Art, Manes Family Center for their first ever museum exhibition. Newark’s original art form, the Animodules, travel across the river to bring their message of peacemaking through the arts to Long Island May 17 to Sept. 15. Animodules are unique interlocking sculptures that are artist facilitated, community created, contemporary totems. The exhibition is accompanied by Animodule making workshops where children and adults of all ages can work together to create this unique Public Art by the Public.

“These (Animodules) provide a unique look into Newark’s diverse culture and extend that culture around the world…I witnessed firsthand the profound power of this art form and I named Animodules the official Peace Ambassadors of our city,” said former Newark Mayor, current U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Cory Booker.

“Animodules are a Newark original, created by artists in residence working with children and communities,” said Chandri Barat, executive director of the Barat Foundation Creation Nation. “We refer to these Animodules as Nonviolent Superheroes, Fueled by the Powers of the Arts, to create bridges, promote social justice and celebrate diversity. Animodules are the alternative to the violence and inhumanity seen in the world today.”

What is an Animodule?

An Animodule is a revolutionary, shared-value public art form and movement that is changing the way art and creative expression connects to community, business and youth. The Animodule is a three dimensional “Animated module” created sculpture, formed by notching two flat planes together to create a third dimension. It is an original urban art form, born in Newark, created by children and youth under the direction of professional artists. Working collaboratively, solving conceptual and design problems, merging art and science, program participants gain invaluable artistic, academic and teambuilding experience creating a permanent artwork that represents their community.

Animodules form a strong bridge between communities, schools and businesses. Among many accomplishments, Animodules have engaged over 10,000 children in Newark, welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors to Newark Airport, greeted the Dalai Lama at the Newark

Peace Education Summit and appeared in Times Square for the UN International Day of Peace. Each year the Animodules come together to celebrate creativity and art in the annual Newark Creation Nation Art & Peace Parade.

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