Tasty Wellness At Sabrosa Mexican Grill

Sabrosa piles on the healthy and fresh options.

Eating a burrito bowl packed with meat, rice, beans, cheese—and a side of guacamole—is usually a surefire way to feel heavy, overstuffed and flat-out awful. But somehow, eating that enormous meal at Sabrosa Mexican Grill leaves one with a sense of healthy, clean satisfaction.

Operating under the three tenets of nutrition, wellness and philanthropy, the relatively new chain of five eateries is a healthy take on the build-your-own tacos, burritos, salads and burrito bowls model, with a healthier twist. In designing the menu, owner Jay Andreassi wrangled Cynthia Sass, a nutritionist and wellness expert who has worked as a sports nutrition consultant for the New York Yankees and the New York Rangers.

And the emphasis on nutrition is apparent at Sabrosa, with a menu that is low on harmful ingredients without sacrificing flavor. At Sabrosa, there are no processed foods—everything on the menu is cooked fresh daily, including salsa and sauces—and nothing comes out of a package.

At the Commack location, as well as at other locations in Water Mill, Riverhead, Ronkonkoma and Hauppauge, Sabrosa allows eaters to customize their meal. First, you pick the item: burrito, burrito bowl, taco or salad. Then, you choose a protein, all naturally raised: marinated chicken, braised beef barbacoa, braised carnitas or marinated steak. If meat isn’t your thing, Sabrosa also offers GMO-free tofu cooked with roasted vegetables, or a vegetarian option with all of the non-meat options along with Sabrosa’s sublime and homemade guacamole.

You then pick a filling from options including lime and cilantro, white rice, brown rice, quinoa and black or pinto beans. And finally, choose one of Sabrosa’s salsas, including freshly chopped tomato, jalapeño and lime, spicy adobo cream sauce or the seriously hot and sweat-inducing Uncle John’s XXX—an extra hot sauce made with habaneros. Lastly, add sour cream, cheese and/or lettuce to top it all off.

The ingredients come together for one flavor bite after another, yet each element of the creation is dynamic enough to stand on its own. The carnitas were instantly recognizable, with the braising bringing out that luscious pork taste. And for the non-carnivores, the tofu is a must order, as it swims in hearty and spicy roasted vegetables.

And Sabrosa shows the same commitment to the community as it does to food, with its charity of the month. Each month, Sabrosa combines the receipts from the first customer of the day in each store, with the funds collected from the “charity tip jar.” The monies collected are then presented to a local charity.

“It’s not just good food and service and clean restaurants,” said Andreassi, “it’s about everything, including our communities.”

“Sabrosa” translates to “very tasty,” but the chain is about so much more than delicious eats—and that is what makes it a destination for anyone craving healthy, quick-service Mexican food.

For a full list of Sabrosa locations, visit www.sabrosamexicangrill.com.

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