Giving A Voice To Your Inner Self: Local hypnotist releases self-help book on soul healing

By Tyler Mroczek

In addition to operating her own practice and hosting educational courses, a Levittown hypnotist shares personal experiences, information about human consciousness and guidance on how to improve one’s own spiritual growth in her new book.

The Voiceless Soul: How to Express and Release Deep Fears of Unworthiness encourages readers to facilitate their own spiritual growth through insightful commentary by Kelly Tallaksen.

Tallaksen is a board-certified transpersonal hypnotist that specializes in soul level healing by deeply connecting clients to their inner child to uncover repressed anxiety or trauma. Her practice, Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis, is entirely self-run and provides services for a multitude of everyday problems, including decreased focus and frequent panic attacks.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy is a practice that embraces the clinical qualities of hypnosis, yet also incorporates treatment to the client’s higher dimensional realities, such as the soul, for correction.

“In my work, I take people back to the time when they first experienced what they were going through in the current moment,” Tallaksen said. “In fact, a lot of my clients have been going back to the womb—back to the day they were born. In this case, we must find out what’s going on in the consciousness of this child to heal the adult.”

Within her book, Tallaksen explains that unresolved generational trauma, feelings of rejection or weak parental relationships during childhood leave significant imprints on the soul. In order to combat such notions of unworthiness, clients undergoing hypnosis have the opportunity to confront repressed childhood traumas as an emotionally developed adult.

“If you want to work out what’s going on in your life now, you must give a voice to the child within you,” Tallaksen assured. “That’s who is suffering and that’s where all this pain is coming from. So, you must find out what the child needs.”

In The Voiceless Soul, readers receive tools to successfully connect to their wounded inner child, face past trauma and find forgiveness for those who may have hurt them. By the book’s end, readers become more self-aware and start creating a fulfilling life.

Board-certified transpersonal hypnotist/author Kelly Tallaksen
(Photo courtesy of Kelly Tallaksen)

Tallaksen says this treatment is recommended for everyone, though different levels and methods of spiritual healing are administered to each client.

“I do work with nine-year-olds and 10-year-olds who have lost a parent and do some deep healing work,” Tallaksen disclosed when discussing eligibility for her services. “However, this book is not for young children. It’s for the parents to see how they may be passing on their unhealed trauma to their children unconsciously.”

Tallaksen’s book acts as a self-help guide for personal growth and restoring loving relationships with one’s own soul and others around them. The Long Island local offers soul-healing services five days a week at her practice in Levittown and serves as a National Guild of Hypnotists hypnosis instructor. She is also trained in HeartMath, holistic psychology and relationship coaching.

“The bottom line is we have to stop healing intellectually from our adult self,” Tallaksen concluded. “We have to bring in more spiritual energy into the child part and work on healing from within.”

—Tyler Mroczek is a contributing writer for Anton Media Group

Christy Hinko
Christy Hinko is a managing editor at Anton Media Group. She is a New York Press Association (NYPA) and Press Club of Long Island (PCLI) award-winning writer and photographer.

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