Taking The Nightmare Out Of Divorce


ProvorceThe thought of ending a marriage can be an emotional nightmare. And the process can be a horror story. Today, on Long Island, a small but growing group of professionals with diverse backgrounds are changing that. They are attorneys, financial experts, child specialists and coaches who are dedicated to helping couples and children emerge from divorce without the usual scars.

Unlike traditional methods where fight-to-the-finish lawyers engage in expensive drawn-out battles and judges decide outcomes, theirs is a team-based collaborative process that takes place not in a courtroom but in a conference room. It is a new paradigm that allows the spouses to reach their goals with far less emotional stress and, likely, with less cost. It is an approach guided by creating and maintaining an atmosphere that fosters understanding, respect, honesty and fairness among all participants in the process.

Each spouse has their own specially-trained attorney who helps them negotiate the many issues that must be resolved. The concerns of both parties are discussed and ideas are generated that can result in mutual agreements.

ProvorceParamount in all cases where children are involved is making their protection a primary objective. They are kept top of mind by both spouses and the team professionals at all times. A child specialist helps the parties talk to their children in ways that will minimize or eliminate the trauma often present in family conflict. Coparenting options are developed with the goal being the best interests of the children going forward.

Where appropriate, the process also includes the participation of other neutral professionals with expertise that will help keep the parties on track and moving toward their goals.

In addition to a child specialist, a financial expert helps the parties navigate through a large amount of information, important in any divorce action. Family financial matters are discussed in detail providing a clear, concise picture of their current position, future scenarios, tax ramifications and asset management, which will help them in making important decisions for the future.

Other neutral team experts, such as coaches and mental health practitioners, are available to work with the couple both together and individually. Their support and guidance helps both sides keep the emotional stress that is understandably a natural part of the process manageable and minimal.

When compared to other methods available to divorcing couples—including the more common highly-charged, adversarial litigation which can sometimes last years and take a brutal toll, both emotionally and financially—this is a collaborative process that creates a much healthier post-divorce relationship for everyone involved. In an age when one in every two marriages ends in divorce, more and more couples are opting for this as a better way.

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