Sweet Sensation Sugarfina And Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin Make A Perfect Pairing


Champagne and treats, spirits and sweets. What could be better than a classic cocktail and candy?

As the face and owner of Aviation Gin, Ryan Reynolds will have you believe that nothing could be better. The actor is the latest celebrity to get into the alcohol business. He also has a sweet spot for, well, sweets. Reynolds teamed up with Sugarfina, the ultimate candy store for adults—renowned for its world-famous Champagne Bears, Rosé wine-infused gummy bears, and more cocktail-inspired treats—to introduce an exclusive new candy collection. Made in collaboration with Aviation American Gin, the specialty gift box features three sweets, all packed with the delicious flavor of gin.

First up in this fancy flight are lemony-sweet Gin Fizz Bears. Infused with a sip of Aviation American Gin, these bears start your palate off with a sugar coating until lemon citrus takes over. The last few bites is where the gin comes in, leaving a few notes of flavor for you to mull over before moving onto the next treat.

The bento box continues with Gimlet Gummies, adorable shaped airplanes. A nice follow up to the sweet, these tart gummies are infused with gin and a twist of lime to keep that citrus party going.

Fancy some chocolate? Try a Gin and Tonic Cordial. These bon bons pack quite a punch with what tastes like a full shot of gin, as a liquid center is at the core of this dark chocolate morsel.

The perfect pre-dessert snack to any holiday gathering, visit www.sugarfina.com to order your unique gift. Must be of legal drinking age to purchase Aviation American Gin, as well as the Sugarfina collection.

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