Sweet Dreams


Too many times have I purchased pillows, only to toss them out a few months later due to flatness and deflation. I prefer a firm yet filled pillow, and one that will retain its shape after a fluff or two. After seeing a few infomercials for the MyPillow on QVC, several members of my family tried it and swore by it, and since my linen closet was filled with enough pillows, I decided to try it, too.

MyPillow was the brainchild of inventor and CEO Mike Lindell, after he had a series of dreams back in 2004.

“The first dream was the name MyPillow. I believe these dreams were divine,” said Lindell, who spent the next year inventing MyPillow. “I tried different fills, until I came up with the patented, adjustable fill that is currently in every MyPillow.”

A revolutionary sleeping product, MyPillow adjusts to an individual’s need, regardless of their size or sleep position. When I ordered the pillow, I was asked a few questions, such as gender, T-shirt size, what kind of sleeper I am (back, side, stomach), and if I currently sleep with a down pillow. These answers help the company determine the correct fill level of the pillow, which allows for maximum comfort while sleeping.

“It keeps your head and neck straight, not too high and not too low,” said Lindell. “I believe sleep is all about having a pillow that will hold your head the right way for the individual and hold that position all night and not go flat.”

As someone who wakes up in the same position they fell asleep in—and suffers from sever migraines—this pillow is great for me. I don’t wake up with a neck ache, don’t have to overfluff the pillow and its breathable material keeps cool, especially during hot and humid summer weather.

MyPillow is washable and dryable and when you do need a bit of a boost, toss the pillow in the dryer. Lindell recommends laundering the pillow every four months, with directions on how to wash and dry on the product’s tag. MyPillow is also warrantied for 10 years and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

With more than 40 million pillows sold, MyPillow is worth a good night’s sleep. Purchase your own at www.mypillow.com.

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