Super Cool School Supplies


The usual school supplies list normally includes pens, pencils, notebooks and glue sticks. Nowadays, back to school shopping is so much more fun and high tech. Everything from stationery to cool computer devices are perfect for every grade level and will help your kids become that star student again this year.

Check out our list for unique back to school gadgets.

Cool lunch box

It’s actually cool to be a kid again. For now, it seems that brown bagging your lunch is a thing of the past. Kids are much more into funky lunch boxes. TV shows, bands, celebrities, emojis, even just colorful images of food on lunch bags are great, but what about fun shapes? Kids would love a Fender amp lunch box, an R2D2 one or even a lunch box shaped like a unicorn. The possibilities are endless. Just imagine, a sandwich shaped lunch box that holds…sandwiches.

This one is available for $8.99 at

Fun USB flash drives

All flash drives are not created equal and the boring ones that we try to label always end up getting lost or borrowed anyway. Make saving your work fun by popping in a unique flash drive. Food, characters, game controllers, superheroes, all at your disposal to save the most important homework assignments and presentations.

Available on Etsy.

Word Lock

Can’t remember your combination? So many kids have been late to class because they forget their several digit combination lock code. Make things easier with a word lock. Choose your password and lock it in.

Available for $9.99 on Amazon.

Cute sticky notes

When stationery looks pretty, chances are whoever is using it will take note. Post-it notes are great, but sometimes they are too plain to grab your kids’ attention. Fun shapes and patterns are much more likely to stick around and remind them to do their homework or chores.

Get yours at Staples, Five Below or online at Amazon or Etsy.

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