Suozzi Subject Of Probe

Congressman Suozzi after getting blood drawn

Congressman Tom Suozzi recently underwent a routine prostate exam as part of a new effort to raise awareness about prostate cancer and the importance of getting checked.

“Men and their families need to know that getting tested for prostate cancer is both important and easy. Between filling out the paper work, doing a blood test and then a minimally invasive exam that lasts just a few seconds, the whole process is simple and fast-moving. Hopefully my doing this will encourage more men to get tested,” said Suozzi.

The screening was administered by Integrated Medical Foundation (IMF), a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness and early detection of prostate cancer. It entailed a PSA blood test and a digital rectal exam administered by IMF founding president Dr. Deepak Kapoor, M.D. of Advanced Urology Centers of New York.

“Regular screening can lead to early detection of prostate cancer and treating prostate cancer in the early stages can lead to a better outcome,” said Rhonda Samuel, executive director of Integrated Medical Foundation. “I urge men to learn more about the disease and talk with their health care provider about prostate cancer.”

Suozzi represents New York’s Third Congressional District. 

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