Summertime Smokers

With summer finally here, it’s time to get back cooking outside. When you want to have the best outdoor dining experience, you want to have the best appliances to make the food you cook have that extra smoky taste. Cooking on a grill is fine, but smokers are what browns the food to make the flavor stand out.

Here’s a list of a few devices you can use to smolder your meats and vegetables for the next barbecue.

Masterbuilt Pro Electric Smoker With Legs

This electric smoker is a smart device that is controlled with Bluetooth technology. From your phone or other device with bluetooth, you would be able to set a time and temperature away from the appliance. It has four trays for the different things you want to cook. It is also on 10-inch legs so you can easily access that simmering food.

It is available exclusively at the Home Depot at $267 for a 30-inch.

Pit-Barrel Cooker Classic Vertical Smoker

The vertical cooker gives you the ability to choose between smoking the food on a grill or by putting it on a rotisserie. The package comes with eight stainless steel hooks with two rods that can attach inside the cooker. Despite the extra accessories, the smoker can easily be assembled and used without hassle.

You can buy one on their website at for $299 for an 18.5-inch.

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker

This easy-to-use charcoal smoker has a built-in thermometer on the top so you wouldn’t have to keep checking with another device. The appliance is easy to assemble and easy to take apart as well. It has a two-layer grill built-in with a water pan that keeps the food moist. It also has a door on the side so you can easily add more fuel if need be.

It is available on Amazon and other retail stores at $219 for a 14-inch.

Dyno-Glo Signature Series Vertical Smoker & Grill

This is a two-in-one appliance that has both a smoker and a grill all in one package. The heavy duty vertical smoker has five grates to put food on. The grill sits on the side of the smoker where you can cook things while smoking other food in the tower. The whole device is on wheels so you can easily move it around.

It is available on Amazon and other retail stores for $264.08.

Bradley Smoker Digital 4-Rack Smoker

This electric cooker is built for an easy clean-up. Before cooking, purchase Bradley flavor briquettes and place them in the tube attached the digital timer to enhance the taste of the food. The four cooking racks can handle any type of meat in a controlled temperature environment of up to 320 degrees for eight hours.

It is available on Amazon and other retail stores for $325.08.

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Christopher Birsner
In addition to being the editor of the Massapequa Observer and Plainview-Old Bethpage Herald, Chris Birsner is the sports editor for Long Island Weekly and often contributes gaming articles to the arts and entertainment publication.


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