Summer Jobs For Teens


A summer job for teenagers can be an important rite of passage that teaches lessons about responsibility and organization. It offers teens an opportunity to earn money for activities they wish to pursue or to save for college.

Here are some summer jobs for your teen to consider:

Mother’s Helper or Babysitter

Watching the children while the parents are home, or if the teenager is ready, watching the children while the parents are out can be exciting and rewarding for teens. Many families are looking for ways to keep their children entertained in the summer months, so there are often many opportunities. Consider getting CPR training and attending a safe sitter course. This job is helpful for teens considering a career in child care or social work. Caring for a child requires patience, responsibility and a love of children.

Summer Camp Jobs

There are many opportunities at a camp. Lifeguards, counselors, office staff, and sleep away camps all offer employment for teenagers. These jobs help foster leadership and experience for future educators. For those who like being outdoors, there is a lot of time in the sun.

Lifeguarding at a camp, local pool or beach is a good choice for teens in the summer.

Movie Theater Employee

Movie theaters often hire extra employees for the summer. There can be great benefits such as free or discounted movies, and the air conditioned environment can be a welcomed reprieve in the hot summer temperatures. Teens would be hired to work in the box office or as a cashier, as a ticket-taker, an usher or a janitor.

Sports Opportunities

For teens who enjoy sports and being outside, caddying is an option. It requires a significant amount of walking and the ability to carry heavy bags; however, the pay is often generous. Some summer leagues may hire teenagers to help keep scores, work the clocks, and referee games. Sporting stadiums also hire seasonal workers for concession stands, ticket sales and maintenance.


Jobs in retail are often available for teens. Duties can vary from stocking, sales, customer service, managing inventory, and managing the cash register. This environment is most suited for teenagers who enjoy being sociable. Many stores offer employee discounts which can be an added bonus.


Teens can help support younger children with their academics through tutoring. This is especially attractive for teenagers who excel academically and are considering a field in education. Reach out to families in the community to let them know of the areas in which the teen can tutor.

Administrative Work

For those with a sunny disposition and who are sociable, this can be a good match. Answering phones, greeting customers, typing documents, filing, and other clerical work may all be responsibilities of the job.

Food Service

There are a number of opportunities available in this industry such as preparing or serving food, taking orders, busing dishes, hosting/hostessing. Tips may be an incentive. This position is suitable for teenagers who are sociable and multi-tasked.

Typically, finding a summer job that is the right fit can take planning. Researching what is available, networking to get the word out about jobs, applying, and interviewing can take time. Visit websites, speak with guidance counselors and visit places with your teen in which he or she is interested and inquire about openings. The applicant should memorize Social Security Number to be able to apply on the spot. If under the age of 18, working papers may be required.

Graziella Simonetti is a parent educator for EAC Network’s Long Island Parenting Institute and works as an early childhood social worker for the New York City Department of Education. She holds an advanced certificate in parent education from Adelphi University and is a NYSPEP credentialed parenting educator. Simonetti is a former kindergarten teacher.

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