Suffolk Legislators To Vote On Resolution To Improve Regulation Of Pet Dealers


On July 17, the Suffolk County Legislature will vote on Resolution 1538, A Local Law to Improve Regulation of Pet Dealers in Suffolk County. Local animal rights advocates, including local Humane Society of America volunteers, encourage the public to call their legislators and ask that they vote yes on this resolution.

District 9 Legislator Monica Martinez introduced the resolution as the result of many consumer complaints, lawsuits and sick dogs being sold, many of which have died days to weeks after purchase. 

This bill primarily consists of four consumer protection components:

1. Isolation

Upon arrival at the pet store, placing an animal in isolation for seven days will allow the pet dealer to determine if the animal is sick. Isolation is a public health practice which stops and limits the spread of disease. It also helps the animal transition to a new place after a stressful journey, often from breeders in the Midwest. 

2. New York State Veterinarian Inspection

At the end of the isolation period, animals will be inspected by a NYS veterinarian to ensure they are healthy enough to be sold to the public. The veterinarian will detail the physical condition of the animal in a report and recommend treatment, if necessary. This report will be made available to prospective owners as part of the animal’s medical history.

3. Financing

Pet financing, leasing and renting at a retail pet store is a predatory practice that preys on consumers.  

4. Prices on Cage Tags

Pet dealers frequently fail to post the prices they are charging for animals, a practice which deprives consumers of important information and gives the pet dealer the opportunity to name a price based on what they think the consumer can afford.

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