Soar Through The Skies With I.FLY Trapeze Artists

(Photo source: I.FLY Facebook)

Have you ever wanted to fly through the air and try something that’ll make your heart race with excitement? Now’s the chance to do so with I.FLY Trapeze.

I.FLY is known for its unique full-time flying trapeze and circus arts program and now has two active locations on Long Island, including one at Eisenhower Park.

Whether you are at a beginner or advanced skill level, the instructors at I.FLY will be able to teach you the tips and tricks of flying trapeze and all it has to offer. Adults of all ages and children from ages 4 and up can fly and have the experience of a lifetime.

While at I.FLY, you have the option to participate in six-to-eight-week workshops, where you have the opportunity to master your flying ability on the trapeze. Also, lessons in static trapeze, partner trapeze, lyra, silks and hammock are available. No matter what you choose to do at I.FLY, you are sure to experience something you have never tried before.

First-time flyers can expect to learn about timing and technique when it comes to flying trapeze in their first session. At the beginning, there will be an introduction on the ground and then an instructor will give a demonstration in the air. After the demonstration, you get right to flying and practicing your form in the air.

(Photo source: I.FLY Facebook)

For returning flyers, the I.FLY instructors will teach you a whole new set of positions and tricks, while also helping you work on improving your current flying trapeze skill set.

The flying trapeze program is very safe and well-monitored, according to the I.FLY website. All participants in the program fly with a harness, over a safety net and attached to safety lines being held by a trained instructor at all times.

Sessions are between one to two hours at a time and cost around $65 and up. Each session has five to 10 flyers in total and follows a format that will be completed regardless of the amount of time needed.

On top of individual sessions, I.FLY has plenty of experience in dealing with large groups as well. The company has catered to troops, social groups, family picnics, corporate groups, birthdays and bachelorette parties.

This summer, I.FLY is continuing its program called Summer Circus for Kids, which is only available at the East Meadow location. For children ages 7 through 16, I.FLY offers an abundance of activities all compiled into one week sessions. Kids can participate in some activities such as flying trapeze, aerial trapeze, juggling, ground acrobatics and circus comedy. Each week ends with a show on Friday with all of the participants showcasing their skills in various disciplines.

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Dylan Spilko
Dylan Spilko is a reporter with Anton Media Group.

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