So Long, Sweet Treats

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When I was dragged to the supermarket as a kid, there were only two things that I looked forward to as a reward for good behavior: picking out my own ice cream and cereal. These days, the cereal game is severely lacking, which is a good thing as healthier options are more prominent in the aisle. But long gone are the days of unlimited boxes of sugar-filled puffs and pops that I looked forward to as a kid. Rice Krispies Treats, Sprinkle Spangles and French Toast Crunch were favorites and I was utterly heartbroken when those colorful boxes no longer graced the shelves.

Reminisce back to a sweeter time when these now discontinued cereals filled your bowl. For a comprehensive list of almost every cereal known to man, visit


Introduced by Quaker in 1965, Quisp was referred to as “the vitamin powered sugary cereal for Quazy energy.” Although it was deshelved in the mid ‘70s, it was back again in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The crunchy corn cereal is know for it’s mascot, Quisp the pink alien. Voted high among the ranks as one of the best cereals of all time, if you have Quisp memorabilia, chances are it could be worth something.


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If you were a ‘90s kid, chances are you watched Family Matters and laughed at Steve Urkel on a weekly basis. Known for his catchphrases and unique sense of fashion, Urkel got his own cereal in 1991 courtesy of Ralston. However, the strawberry and banana flavored loops were short lived on the shelves.

Waffle Crisp

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To kids, this syrup-flavored waffle-shaped cereal was a great alternative to the real deal. Post introduced the waffle-shaped sweetened corn and wheat cereal in 1996 with a memorable “granny in disguise” as the mascot. If you’re lucky, you can still find it.

Cröonchy Stars

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If you were a fan of the Muppets as a kid, chances are you begged your mom to add this cereal to the cabinet. Courtesy of Post, Cröonchy Stars were gifted to the public from the Muppets Test Kitchen in 1988. Everyone’s favorite Swedish Chef was the mascot for the cinnamon toast-flavored cereal that provided comically fun and detailed directions on how to eat the cereal, like only the Swedish Chef could describe.

Ghostbuster Cereal

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In 1985, Ralston made every kid feel like they could vanquish ghosts with Ghostbusters Cereal. The four-grain cereal came packed with fruit flavor and Slimer marshmallow ghosts. If only they glowed in the dark. By tearing off the box and for an extra $1.50 at the time, kids could send away for Ghostbuster kits, which included badges and stickers.

Fruit Brute

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Introduced in 1974 by General Mills, this fruity cereal came complete with fruit marshmallows and was brought to you by a howling werewolf named Fruit Brute. This clever wolf tried to out do his buddies, Count Chocula and Franken Berry, by insisting his cereal was better. Think of this cereal as a happy medium between Fruity Pebbles and Lucky Charms.

Honorable Mentions:

Sprinkle Spangles, Pop-Tarts Crunch, Smurf Magic Berries, Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears, C3POs, Gremlins Cereal, Nerds Cereal, Dunkin’ Donuts Cereal, Mr. T Cereal, Nintendo Cereal System

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