Smoky Barbecue And A Bourbon On The Rocks

Sempre’s pulled pork Cuban sandwich (Photo source: Facebook)

Bourbon goes great with smoky barbecue. And for this reason I recently caught up with John Cavallo, co-owner of Sempre Fame Gourmet Grill, BBQ & Catering on Tulip Avenue in Floral Park with his brother, Chris. I asked his opinion of which grilled foods paired best with a nice icy serving of bourbon.

“From our menu, I’d say my top picks to enjoy with a glass of bourbon would be the pork belly sliders topped with a hot cherry pepper, the pulled pork or rib platters, or the brisket with mozzarella and sautéed onion sandwich,” said Cavallo. “Pork and beef anything for sure, but it’s the seasonings and sauces that actually make the pairings, like the hot cherry pepper, the onion or the sauerkraut.”

Cavallo explained that spicy or sweet seasonings, sauces or condiments complement the bourbon.

“Standards like ketchup, brown sugar and molasses are going to taste great with bourbon,” said Cavallo. “Even the spices and seasonings in our dry rubs for the ribs, like paprika and garlic, will pair nicely with a bourbon cocktail.”

Can’t seem to get the food pairings thing quite right? Pass on the bourbon with the meal. Personally, I prefer my bourbon on the rocks, unadorned, either before or right after my meal. The richness all by itself is unmatched. Either way though, it’s a win.

Sempre Fame Gourmet Grill doesn’t serve alcohol (yet), but they offer dine-in, take-out and catering service seven days a week. Visit for the full menu, daily specials or help planning your party menu and portions. 

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