Sleepaway Camps In The Northeast

Kids learn valuable life skills at sleepaway camp.

When the school year ends and summer finally comes around, a majority of kids will spend their time off from school at home, focused on electronics. For those who are looking to make the most of their summer and take on new experiences, sleepaway camp is one of the best routes for a child to take. Here are some sleepaway camps in the northeast that give children the best opportunity to grow as individuals.

Engage Camp

Langhorne, PA (Ages 11-17)

Engage Camp is not like many other camps. Engage Camp is a five-day Christian camp that aims to teach their campers about God. The Cairn University site of the camp runs from July 9-13. While most camps follow strict schedules for their activities throughout the day, Engage Camp is more open, with scheduled meals, services and events such as a guest speakers and concerts, however, much of the time is open for campers to choose their activities.

Engage Camp aims to give every camper the opportunity to learn about Jesus while experiencing adventure.

Adirondack Camp

Lake George, NY (Ages 7-17)

Adirondack Camp begins June 24 and runs until August 16. The camp offers three sessions, Session One, which goes until July 22, Session Two, which begins on July 22, and a full session, which goes for the full duration of both sessions. While Adirondack Camp offers many common camp events such as sports and aquatics, they also offer a number of unique events.

The camp’s oldest tradition is Awiskini, a Native American-themed ceremony where camp counselors in costumes dance around a bonfire. The camp also celebrates Gathering once per week. During this time, everyone sits on the rocks and talks quietly about how they feel.

Lake Owego Camp for Boys

Pocono Mountains (Ages 7-17)

Lake Owego is an all-boys camp that begins June 23 and goes until Aug. 11. There are also two half sessions available. One half session ends on July 17, then the other half session begins on July 18. While it is a boys only, Lake Owego includes activities with Camp Timber Tops, the sister camp of Lake Owego that is located just down the road.

The camp has a variety of different activities, including sports, creative arts, outdoor adventures and aquatics. Campers are encouraged to try new things so they are able to choose which activities they would like to take part in.

Camp Echo Lake

Warrensburg, NY (Ages 7-15)

Camp Echo Lake run from June 23 through Aug. 12. For campers entering third and fourth grade who have not been to the camp before, there is a starter program. Campers can be enrolled for the first four weeks of the seven-week program, and are given the option to extend their enrollment to the full seven weeks.

Four core activity areas focus on athletics, creative and performing arts, aquatics and outdoor adventure activities. Camp Echo Lake provides a unique experience for each age group to ensure the camp is developmentally progressive.

Camp Lakota

Wurtsboro, NY (Ages 7-17)

Camp Lakota runs from June 24 through Aug. 11. and campers are given the option of going for the first four weeks, the final three weeks or the entire seven weeks. Sports include baseball, roller hockey and skate boarding as well as water activities, arts, horseback riding and more.

There are seven activity periods throughout the day: four are scheduled, while the other three are “electives,” giving each camper the opportunity to focus on their favorite activities.

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