‘Sit-Ups Are Stupid & Crunches Are Crap’

Long Island native Dr. Todd Sinett authors new book on back pain


After witnessing the life-changing health benefits his father’s patients received throughout the years, Long Island native Dr. Todd Sinett inherited a passion for healing and helping people live pain-free. Sinett is a second-generation, New York City-based chiropractor and founder of the holistic medical practice Tru Whole Care located in Midtown.

Throughout his career, the Port Washington resident has helped thousands find relief. Sinett, an authority for his expertise in applied kinesiology, is the inventor of the Backbridge, an at-home back pain treatment, and the author of three books: 3 Weeks To A Better Back, The Back Pain Relief Diet and The Ultimate Backbridge Stretch Book. Many may recognize him from his appearances as a clinical expert on television shows, such as The View and Good Day New York.

In his latest book, Sit-Ups Are Stupid & Crunches Are Crap, due out in April, he continues his work finding and treating the root causes of back pain, not just treating the symptoms.

“Teaching, helping, healing and preventing back injury has always been a part of my life and my career,” he explained.

Sit-Ups Are Stupid & Crunches Are Crap details why you should never do a sit-up or crunch again. The book includes a detailed exercise routine and a meal guide, teaching healthier and smarter ways to get great abs without compromising your back and neck.

Dr. Sinett
Dr. Sinett

We recently sat down with Sinett to discuss his highly anticipated fourth book:

What was the inspiration behind Sit-Ups Are Stupid & Crunches Are Crap?

In my practice, I was seeing very “healthy” patients with back pain. They had impeccable diets and consistent exercise routines. Additionally, these “healthy” patients had one similar variable in their rigorous workout routines: countless sit-ups and crunches. I researched and investigated if, in fact, sit-ups and crunches could be causing their pain. And guess what? They were.

What research went into Sit-Ups Are Stupid & Crunches Are Crap?

As a practicing chiropractor, certified trainer and applied kinesiologist, I work with many patients ready and willing to try something new to help their back pain. Through years of listening, researching and adjusting techniques with real patients, we came up with the right formula for success and share it all in Sit-Ups Are Stupid & Crunches Are Crap. The theory of extension therapy is vital is realizing the harmful effects of sit-ups and crunches.

It is a striking title. How did you come up with it?

Plain and simple; any movement that puts a body into flexion over and over again is not smart. We are always hunched over looking at our phones, tablets and computers—constantly in flexion postures. Why would we want to exercise in flexion as well? It only perpetuates or increases back and neck pain. These harmful exercises are so ingrained in our training that I needed a title that would get people’s attention.

How does diet and exercise influence back pain?

In so many different ways. Your diet is directly correlated to many of your back pains. When you ingest foods that cause inflammation, you are putting your back at risk. Why do you think doctors prescribe anti-inflammatories? Your exercise routine is also directly correlated to many cases of back pain, as well. If you consider yourself healthy, but still have bad posture and back pain, something is not right. It might be time to evaluate your diet and your exercise routine.

What are some of the top tips in the book?

Never do a sit-up or crunch again. If you want to see your ab muscles, you must balance diet and exercise. Decreasing the size of your gut is vital for a healthy body.

Are the techniques easy to apply in everyday life?

Yes, but like many hard and important things in life, you have to put in the work.

What is your trick to getting great abs without crunches and sit-ups?

The secret: exercise is the greatest answer to abs, but also the greatest cause of back pain. There is no one secret or shortcuts to abs, but my book can help with a diet and exercise routine that won’t hurt your back and will get you the abs you always wanted.

Sit-Ups Are Stupid & Crunches Are Crap is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Visit www.drsinett.com, and his practice www.truwholecare.com, to learn more.

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