Shooter’s Favorite Honky-Tonk Heroes (Not Named Waylon Jennings)

Shooter Jennings (Photo by Jimmy Fontaine)

If anyone has the pedigree to pick out a trio of favorite honky-tonkers, it’s Shooter Jennings, son of Jessi Colter and Waylon. As someone who has kept that outlaw country freak flag flying loud and proud, the younger Jennings was happy to share whose blend of hell raising and country twang really rings his bell who are not named Waylon.

Hank Williams, 2006 (Photo by Andrea Klein)

Hank Williams, Jr.

“He’s Bocephus, and I loved his songwriting in the ’70s. It’s some of my favorite stuff of all time for sure.

Leroy Virgil of Hellbound Glory

“He’s one of my friends, and one of my favorite songwriters that’s out there today. I think he’s the greatest songwriter of our generation for true honky-tonk country. He’s pretty snarky and smart too.”

Jerry Lee Lewis, 2009 (Photo by Silvio Tanaka)

Jerry Lee Lewis

“I love his country stuff and it’s about as honky-tonk as it gets.”

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