Sheba’s Journey To Find A Furever Home


In April of 2016, Sheba lost the only home she had ever known. The staff at Little Shelter is determined to find her a home where she will truly be appreciated, loved and given the life she deserves.

Sheba’s Little Shelter story starts back in 2013, she arrived with her littermates as a young puppy from a shelter where they were at risk. This stunning white puppy with sandy splotches quickly caught the eyes of a family who adopted her. This was supposed to be her one and only home and for the next three years, it was.

In April of 2016, Sheba suddenly found herself back at Little Shelter. Her owner had moved to a tiny apartment and Sheba was not adjusting well to the confinement. It was a very sad day for Sheba to lose the only home she had ever known and for reasons that were not her fault.

Sheba is a great dog with a loving nature who will quickly go tummy up for belly rubs and lick people’s hands as a sign of affection. She has a lot of energy and needs a yard that she can freely run around and be taken on plenty of hikes and walks. Her favorite game is tag, where she will run around the yard, play bowing to her handler and quickly darting off before they can “tag” (pet) her.

After spending a lot of time running around, Sheba turns into a lazy girl wanting to lounge on the sofa in the arms of her favorite person while getting belly rubs.

Little Shelter staff weighs in

Sheba needs someone who understands she hasn’t had a stable life; she needs to be in a home where she can get accustomed to a routine and have structure. Once she is settled into her new family, obedience training could be used to help her relax and bond stronger with her family members. Most importantly she needs a home with someone who is willing to work with her at her own pace, teaching her to relax and trust those she is bonded with.

“We know Sheba will be the perfect companion for someone, they just haven’t heard her story yet,” Little Shelter staff said. “Sheba is available for adoption and very anxious to start her new journey, don’t keep her waiting. Come into Little Shelter today to meet Sheba!”

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