Shaping Young Minds At An Early Age


The Green Vale School strives for academic excellence

Attending a private school/preparatory academy from a young age can prepare children for secondary learning in high school, college and in the professional world. Institutionally committed to childhood and early adolescence, The Green Vale School, which serves the pre-nursery through eighth grade age spectrum, “fosters an intimate community where growth is both slow and magically transformative,” according to Allison Pell, director of marketing and communications for the school.

“Academic rigor is achieved through a skills-based yet progressive curriculum that incorporates above-grade-level content. Our ‘know each child’ approach allows advanced coursework to be the norm, without undue pressure or stress,” said Pell of the close-knit campus of condensed age range, which allows students to have role models as well as to be role models. “It is a formula for empathy and self-esteem that makes students comfortable entering their high school environment poised for leadership and success.”

Growing up at Green Vale has many benefits, but one unique element, according to Pell, is the ability to “meet students where they are” in life and in learning.

“With a clear focus on the childhood and early adolescent years through eighth grade, we are able to corral all of our institutional expertise,” she said. “Children who grow up at Green Vale experience comforting continuity with familiar teachers, families, campus facilities and traditions, while being pushed to challenge themselves in diverse ways through exposure to broadening experiences from athletics to arts to service learning to public speaking.”

When the time comes for parents to embark on their child’s academic career, sometimes the choice isn’t as simple as public or private school. While both educational intuitions provide an excellent learning experience, it comes down to how parents want to shape their children moving forward.

“Green Vale is known first and foremost for an academic program that is unsurpassed for these grade levels on Long Island. At a younger age than is common in most schools, Green Vale students experience a classic liberal arts education,” said Pell. “With an emphasis on context and the ways in which classroom content is applicable to real-world fields of work, study, and life-long interest, Green Vale’s approach lets students experience school and learning as a fluid, ongoing process that doesn’t end with the school day.”

The Green Vale School is located at 250 Valentines Lane in Glen Head. For more information, call 516-621-2420 or visit

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