Save Electricity This Summer


Higher temperatures can lead to more energy usage and higher electric bills. PSEG customers can save energy and money this summer by following a few simple tips.

  • Put air conditioners on timers.
  • Set air conditioners at 78 degrees.
  • Use fans to circulate cool air, which helps cut air conditioner use.
  • Set refrigerators and freezers at most efficient temperatures (35 to 38 degrees F for refrigerators and 0 degrees F for freezers).
  • Run major appliances such as clothes and dishwashers in the morning or late evening to avoid the peak demand hours of 2 to 8 p.m.
  • Seal holes and cracks around doors and windows; eliminate air leaks around window air conditioners with foam insulation or weather-stripping.
  • Close blinds, shades and draperies facing the sun to keep out the sun’s heat and help fans and air conditioners cool more efficiently.
  • Turn off power sources. TVs, computers and other electronic devices draw power when they are in standby mode or turned off, but still plugged in. Plug electronics into power strips and turn off the power switch when the items are not in use.
  • Use timers and motion detectors on indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • Replace old appliances with new energy efficient Energy Star appliances.
  • If possible, install whole-house fans that bring in cooler night air that can pre-cool a house and reduce energy use in the daytime if heat is kept out by closing windows and shades.

Customers can save even more with PSEG Long Island Energy Efficiency Programs at

In addition, tree limbs that come in contact with electric lines remain a major cause of customer outages during storms. PSEG has introduced a tree trimming program that works throughout the year to identify and trim tree limbs in locations that could potentially cause damage during or after a storm.

To further minimize storm damage to the electric system, PSEG’s tree trimming program works throughout the year to identify and trim tree limbs in rights of way and along easements that could potentially cause outages during or after a storm.

The National Arbor Day Foundation recognized PSEG for using tree-friendly practices while enhancing system reliability. For more information on the PSEG Long Island Tree Trimming program, visit

To report emergency situations that a broken tree limb is leaning on a wire or has caused a wire to come down, call 800-490-0075.

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