Rita Moreno’s Favorite Roles


With seven-plus decades of experience under her belt, the ageless Rita Moreno has made her mark on the silver screen, television and the stage. She shares some of her favorite roles from each medium here.

West Side Story (1961)

“That became an iconic role for me. It’s a role that made me known worldwide, more than anything.

Rita Moreno in Oz (Photo courtesy of HBO)

Oz (1997-2003)

“It was so far and away from anything I’d played before. I was absolutely in shock when it was offered to me. My God, the casting in that show was extraordinary. And every year they’d bring in some new actor to play a new prisoner and it would be somebody incredible. Not a star, but an incredible actor. It was fantastic.”

The Miracle Worker (1969)

“I did a lot of theater outside of Broadway. I think one of the things I really loved doing was playing Anne Sullivan in The Miracle Worker. I played an Irish girl in that and it was just wonderful and one of the best experiences I ever had.”

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