Remembering The Fallen


911Poem_090915AThe following poem was originally submitted by Syosset resident L L Manning on Sept. 28, 2001.

Mere words cannot express the horror
The unsuspecting terror
The total devastation
With its significant heartbreak

As we ache together as a nation, as a people
Our hearts are heavy
Our breathing labored
We will become strong again somehow

To struggle through
The agony and the reality
The shock and tremendous trauma
The unspeakable and unforgiving

As we lean on each other
We will take pride
To carry on together
Our backs bending to hold this
heavy load

But they will not break us
They will not burden us
They will not strike fear in us
They will not terrorize us anymore

We will raise our heads
We will lift our hearts
We will reach out our hands
And we will extend ourselves

Together and to each other
To raise our spirit
To absolutely overcome
To become whole again

To grieve and to continue on
As they would want us to
We shared their precious lives
And we will miss them tremendously

To go on without them
Will be very hard
But to thank and praise them for their heroism
They ARE our heroes

To the efforts and relief rescues
Their task was not an easy one
Their lives changed forever
The horrid sights they encountered

Trying to make sense of no sense
As we try to move onward and upward
Proud of our nation
Our land of America

All the civilized worlds stand
Never to forget
Never to want to
The camaraderie and brotherhood
to find a solution

To deal with it full steam ahead
And to find a means
We will prevail for the loved ones
who perished
And for those they left behind

Never to surrender
Never to crumble
For the now and present
And what’s to become

We hold the future
As we understand it to be
As we know it to be
As we try to comprehend daily

We cherish the continued valiant
and heroic efforts
We continue to stand tall
Like a family through thick and thin

We do what we must
We do what we have to
Not an easy task
But we will survive

Our glorious flag remains our
steadfast symbol
We struggle together
As a nation to emerge

—L L Manning-Koziatek 9/11/01


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