Recipe Corner: Geoffrey Zakarian’s Seminole Pumpkin Gnudi



Geoffrey Zakarian

It is officially soup, stew and everything pumpkin season. As we stock our shelves with autumnal vegetables and ingredients special to the season, it is the perfect time to get creative and whip up a new dish in the kitchen.

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian offers a hearty fall pasta dish, Seminole Pumpkin Gnudi, from his restaurant, Point Royal at The Diplomat Beach Resort. The dish features rich ingredients such as Stone Crab meat and butter, crispy Brussels, caramelized wild leeks and Hackleback caviar.

A perfect dinner dish for a cool autumn evening, this delicious dish may even make it to your Thanksgiving table this year.

Seminole Pumpkin Gnudi

Point Royal at The Diplomat Beach Resort

Recipe courtesy of Geoffrey Zakarian

½ cup Seminole Pumpkin Gnudi
2 Tbsp Stone Crab butter
1 Tbsp crispy Brussels
1 Tbsp caramelized wild leeks
1 tsp Hackleback caviar
½ tsp chopped parsley
½ tsp fennel tops
4 Tbsp Stone Crab meat
1 Tbsp lemon juice

1. Drop the gnudis into the boiling water and cook, (for 2 minutes), gently shaking the pot once (you might want to set a timer). Don’t cook to long or they’ll fall apart.

2. Set a wide pan with the butter over high heat. Use a slotted spoon to quickly transfer the cooked gnudi to the butter, add a little of the pasta cooking water and cook at a vigorous simmer.

3. Shaking the pan, add the stonecrab meat and leeks and cook until the butter sauce thickens slightly and begins to cling to the gnudi. After about 2 minutes, add the lemon juice, Brussels and chopped parsley, fold together and serve in a pasta bowl.

4. Add 4 extra Brussels leaves randomly around the dish, place the caviar on top of the dish and garnish with the fennel tops.

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