Presley In Pop Culture

Presley In Pop Culture
Elvis Monopoly features six collectible tokens including Elvis’ sunglasses, guitar, vintage record player, leather jacket, army tags, a microphone and 22 of Elvis’ most cherished albums.

Elvis Presley’s popularity has taken many forms over the years, seeing the great King immortalized on lunch boxes, as dolls and figurines, board games, Christmas ornaments, collectibles, costumes, coins and more. Missing something from your collection?

Check out our list of how Elvis has been perceived in pop culture.

Collectible Coins

Presidents, political figures, royal monarchs, and of course, The King himself. Coin collectors can find these through any website or during any monumental anniversary.

Precious Moments “I Heart Elvis” Figurine Collection

Never miss a moment with Precious Moments. Known for capturing every memory from birth until golden anniversaries, Precious Moments has released a limited-edition set of figurines dressed as young Elvis, each inspired by one of The King’s hit songs.

These five-inch figurines are available from Precious Moments, The Bradford Exchange or The Hamilton Collection. $29.99 plus $8.99 S&H

Elvis Presley Illuminated Musical Christmas Tree Collection

From The Bradford Exchange, this officially licensed Elvis holiday display consists of a pre-lit three-foot Christmas tree with 45 ornaments and a musical sculpture of Graceland. A free tree skirt is also included for those who want to have a Blue Christmas with The King.

$59.98 plus $9.99 S&H

Elvis Presley Vandor Collectible Television Tin Lunchbox The King

This retro tin lunch box resembles a television and is a perfect ode to the late entertainment icon.

Elvis Presley Costume Collection

Whether you are a young fan or an adult who has admired Elvis for years, there’s a costume for every age. Presley’s iconic white jumpsuit with studded belt and red scarf is the perfect way to honor him this Halloween.

Wig and costume available at Target from $26.99 to $240.99

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  1. How can anyone mention Presley on Pop culture without referring to Presley’s extraordinary impact on Pop Art. Here is a list of Andy Warhol’s sikscreens centering on Elvis. Togeher, they have garnered a quarter of a billion dollars to private collectors and auction houses in the last 30 years alone.

    i) Double Elvis, 1963, sold privately in 1989 by the Estate of Albert Grossman (previous owner, Mr. Grossman’s main client, Bob Dylan), to the New York Museum of Modern Art for US750,000. Another 21 copies are said to exist.
    ii) Campbell’ s Elvis, 1964, sold at Christie’s on 9 November 2010 for US$1.45 million
    iii) Red Elvis, 1961, sold privately in February 2000, for US$2.9 million
    iv) Elvis X2 , 1963, sold at Christie’s in November 2007 for US$15.7 million.
    v) Double Elvis, 1963, sold at Sotheby’s in May 2012 for US$37.1 million (not the same silkscreen as in i) above
    vi) Triple Elvis, 1963, sold at Christies’s in November 2014 for US$81.9 million and currently at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
    vii) Eight Elvises, 1963, sold privately, in December 2008, for US$100 million and thought to have been purchased by the Qatari Royal family.
    viii) Gold (en) Boot (Slippers) Elvis Presley, 1957, (price paid and year of sale unknown)
    ix) Single Elvis, 1963, (bought in 2009 by Eli Broad, founder of the Broad Museum in Los Angeles, for a price still unknown)

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