Preserve Memories For A Lifetime With Album Envy

In a digital age where most photos hibernate in virtual folders and lay dormant on social media feeds, Album Envy strives to honor your family’s captured memories with high-quality, custom photobooks handcrafted locally in Port Washington.

The company offers three variations of their product that can be personalized and ordered directly from their website. Customers can select “The Photobook” starting at $36, “The Hybrid” at $49, or “The Album” at $175. Each option boasts a wide range of customization factors including size, color, binding, page number and page texture. Every photo is printed on thick, professional-grade paper to ensure longevity and bound by hand in your choice of linen or leather. The pages are constructed to lay completely flat, resulting in uninterrupted photo spreads.

“I think we make it as easy as possible to create something that translates to lifelong memory,” said company owner Keith Piccione. “Within a minute or two, you can have a book designed and ready to order. It lays it out for you, you can change it, it’s very graphical, very user-friendly, and fun. And you get great a product out of it. You just have to look at people’s eyes when they look at the book for the first time, and then you get it.”

Album Envy offers professional printing services.

Piccione, a Long Island native who grew up in East Meadow, launched Album Envy early this year. After accumulating 30 years of experience in the photo printing industry, he has decided to channel his knowledge and expertise into a meaningful product unmatched in quality, and hopes to perpetuate the importance of honoring images offscreen.

“These photobooks are gorgeous, they’re unique. You’re going to keep it and you’re going to look at it over and over again and remember the experience—and frankly, the person who gave you the book,” said Piccione. “You don’t get the same impact looking at images on the screen. As convenient as you think it is, it’s not viable long term. You go through the effort of capturing an image, why not make the effort to remember it? Honor the image. That’s the message.”

As the company ships out their products in mere days, you can surprise your loved ones this holiday season with a personalized album composed of professional-grade photo prints preserving moments from memorable trips, special events, family photoshoots and more.

“You take so many images, but what do you do with them? They accumulate in your phone, they accumulate on some disc someplace, or in a cloud someplace, and the emotional impact and reason why you created them is lost over time. You forget them,” said Piccione. “Our message is: take those images, and put them in a book. A beautiful, heirloom book that you can look at and relive over and over again. Visually, it’s very powerful- to be able to look at an image, and evoke some emotion, or memory, is huge. That’s our message that we’re trying to get across, nationwide. And all of that is done in Port Washington, New York, on Long Island.”

If you would like to order your own Album Envy photobook just in time for the holidays or read more information about their products, visit

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Andrea Bilton
Andrea Bilton is a reporter with Anton Media Group.

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