Police Sergeant Rescues Drowning Woman


Police Sergeant Paul Mercready rescued an allegedly suicidal woman from drowning in Moriches Bay, on the evening of May 24, in Mastic Beach.

According to the Suffolk County Police Department, a woman walked past a group of teenagers and into Moriches Bay, fully clothed. A number of the teens attempted to swim out to the woman, but turned back because the water was too cold. When they returned to shore, they called 911. The teenagers told police they swam back because they saw the woman go under and did not expect to find her.

Sergeant Mercready responded to the call, arriving on the scene in minutes. Mercready reported he saw something pink floating approximately 50-yards out in the bay. He swam, clothed in his uniform, to the spot, found the woman, and towed her back to the shore. He was preparing to resuscitate her when she opened her eyes.

Mercready pulled the woman out of the water at approximately 7:20 p.m. and medical technicians on the scene diagnosed possible hypothermia. She was transported to Stony Brook University Hospital. It was reported that her injuries were not life-threatening. Sergeant Mercready did not require medical attention.

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