Learn How To Save Your Pet In An Emergency


PETS_FirstAid_052715AAhh…summertime with our dogs, a time to be care free, footloose and have fun with our four-legged companions. Whether you are out boating, paddle-boarding, at the beach or park with your dog or to just enjoying a barbecue in your backyard, being prepared and knowing how to handle something as simple as a cut to saving your dog’s life with pet CPR. You are better off if you’re prepared.

Pet parents should learn life-saving techniques in case of an emergency with their pets by taking a pet first aid and CPR class. They can learn how to care for their pet’s ailments such as scraps, cuts, injured paw pads, sunburn, removing a tick and even more life threatening accidents, heatstroke, choking or pet illnesses.

To learn to help prevent these injuries or how to treat them pet owners can take the next pet first aid and CPR class on Saturday, May 30, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Bidawee, 3300 Beltagh Ave. in Wantagh.

Robyn Elman, president of In Home Pet Services, Inc., who is a certified pet tech instructor is instructing this class. Elman, who is also a former zoologist, has been teaching these classes since 2007. A portion of the proceeds of this class will benefit Pet Safe Coalition a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public in emergency preparedness for their pets.

This class is offered to pet owners, pet professionals and anyone that wants to learn these very important pet life saving procedures. Every pet owner and pet professional will benefit from learning these techniques. Using a life-size stuffed animal dog, this class will teach participants how to restrain an injured or ill pet; CPR and rescue breathing; bleeding injuries; warm weather element and injuries; spring and summer dangers to pets and how to prevent them; bandaging; insect bites and much more.

The class is $85 per person and to register for this class, individuals can call In Home Pet Services at 718-347-7387 to reserve a spot. The class is limited to 15 people. Each participant will receive a take-home reference manual and a certificate that they completed the course. Visit www.inhomepetservices.com for more information on this course or about In Home Pet Services. Space is limited. The class is for humans only.

Nancy E. Hassel is the founder and president of American Pet Professionals, LLC.


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