Out Of The Box Wine


If you’re feeling a bit of margarita fatigue or are in the midst of planning a celebration requiring libations, look no further for your next cocktail fix. Black Box Wines has just expanded its portfolio of award-winning wines with the introduction of Black Box Red Sangria. Yes, you heard right, Sangria in a box.

A refreshingly delicious red sangria with flavors of fresh berry and citrus, Black Box Red Sangria is amazing served chilled or over ice with slices of fresh fruit (try apples and oranges), making it perfect for warm weather get-togethers, barbecues or a night with the girls (or guys).

Like all Black Box Wines, it’s high-quality and a great value at 40 percent less than the cost of comparable bottled wines. Plus, the lightweight packaging is portable and eco-friendly, producing half the carbon footprint of bottled wines. Boxed wine has received quite the makeover and everyone is loving it.

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