Once Upon A Springtime


Annual Macy’s flower show blooms in New York

Enchanting arrangements, beautiful blooms and a fantasy display of flora and fauna have arrived to brighten up the concrete jungle. The 44th annual Macy’s Flower Show at Herald Square this year takes guests on a whimsical journey of the spring season with its show “Once Upon a Springtime.” The floral spectacular will be held from March 25 through April 8 and is free and open to the public.

For more than 70 years, Macy’s Flower Show has delighted generations of floral aficionados with over-the-top presentations of lavish gardens that showcase millions of live flowers, plants and trees from around the globe. Taking root in unexpected settings such as store countertops, windows, and specially-designed architecture, including grand bridges, columns and topiaries, this year, it will be like stepping into a fairytale as the themed celebration puts a twist on classic fables, creating a world of personified flora and fauna, princesses, evil queens, fairy godmothers and noble knights that lead to a wondrous journey.

Upon entering the show, visitors can choose their own adventure, based on how they begin their trip through the floral fantasy land. From a towering castle where the princess resides to a meadow of brightly colored flowers, an enchanted forest and lush lagoon; spectators will play a part in spring’s triumph over a seemingly eternal winter.

Step into Spring’s Castle Garden and take in the lovely scent of Pink Hyacinth, Pink Roses, Stargazer Lilies and Purple Vanda Orchids or wander over to the Fairy Godmother’s Cottage Garden as you marvel at Primrose, Ginestra, Weeping Crabapple Tree and Girard’s Fuchsia Azalea. Other highlights include the Meadows Bridge, the Enchanted Forest, the Lagoon, Traveler’s Wagon, The Snow Queen’s Winter Castle, the Ladybugs Tea Party Garden and Dino’s Magical Mirror Garden.

In addition to the magnificent gardens, spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy special in-store events including floral, food and fashion demonstrations, celebrity appearances and more during the two weeks the show is in full bloom.

For more information on Macy’s Flower Show, call 212-494-4495 or visit www.macys.com/social/flower-show/new-york.

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