NYU Winthrop Hospital Designated By NY State Troopers As Preferred Medical Provider


NYU Winthrop Hospital has been recognized by the New York State Troopers PBA (Police Benevolent Association) as a “Preferred Medical Provider.” This recognition culminates a one-year partnership during which time NYU Winthrop developed communication protocol through which medical care needs of PBA members are relayed to NYU Winthrop, which then assists members navigate the complex healthcare system and its myriad of specialties. There are more than 15,000 members under the PBA umbrella, including active State Troopers, retirees, and family members. As a Preferred Medical Provider, NYU Winthrop assists with both emergency and non-emergency care for those members, whether involving a gunshot wound, car accident, cancer diagnoses, long-term care or other medical needs.

“NYU Winthrop consistently demonstrated superior medical expertise when called upon to do so,” said Michael C. Brooks, Director of State Trooper Surgeons of the New York State Troopers PBA. “The success stories coming out of NYU Winthrop speak for themselves. Hospitals are not awarded a ‘Preferred Medical Partner’ plaque, they earn them.”

The NYS Troopers PBA helps members access the best possible medical care, expediting proper care, promoting the well-being of members, and positively impacting member’s return-to-work rate.

This is accomplished through an NYU Winthrop “Hospital Liaison” working in tandem with PBA’s Executive Care Coordinator to effectively route care to an appropriate physician or group, including for second opinions. This facilitation especially helps to ease the stress of members handling complex diagnoses, allowing them to remain focused and safe while on duty.

“We’re honored to be part of the continuum of care for the first responders among the New York State Troopers PBA, as well as their families,” said John Collins, president and Chief Executive Officer of NYU Winthrop. “We have established a strong track record of positive outcomes that we expect to continue with the State Troopers long into the future.”

—Submitted by NYU Winthrop Hospital

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